App identification from the same company

講者: Jason Chuang @ AI4quant
時段: 16:30~17:10
地點: 科技大樓 國際會議廳
講題: App identification from the same company


In the current software industry, multiple applications are developed from a single company. Take anti-virus industry as an example, multiple seats can be installed on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. To correlate whether a company’s app is installed on one device, the device registration step and device query step need to be well-designed. During inserting data into the database, the query pattern needs to be thought beforehand. The sharding design to prevent service conjestion also needs to be considered. When the query happens, it needs to happen in near real-time, so that user can see the result immediately. From the app correlation, we can cross-sell more apps to the users. It can increase user stickiness and customer loyalty to bring more profits to a company. From the app and network device topology, we can also identify or troubleshoot home network issues. This technology can also be applied in IoT industry.